Once A Tree

     Cabinet Studio
                                of Steve Shafer

Furniture &


    by  Steve Shafer

Serving Maryland, Washington DC
                 and Virginia since 1980. 
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     Once A Tree Cabinet Studio is located in Kensington, Maryland, near Bethesda, and has been serving the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for over 30 years. Steve Shafer builds art furniture and commissioned woodworking projects for both residential and commercial clients. Each project is designed and hand crafted for your specific needs.
     The mainstay of our business is making what you cannot find. It can be because it doesn't exist, what's available is the wrong size or color for your needs, or requires that the project match existing products. The specialty of the studio is your design and custom specifications.
     We use a variety of materials in our craft. The solid woods are domestic, exotic, and the increasingly popular reclaimed lumber. Some projects include curved plywood panels or solid wood laminations to create bent wood components. We hand lay up veneer to produce beautiful patterns and grain presentation. Custom millwork is common even when a small amount of trim needs to be reproduced from your existing original. Our work includes custom designed plywood bookcases, media centers, or workspaces for both home and commercial offices. 
     Please give a call to Steve Shafer at Once A Tree to begin the process of creating your project.