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Sanctuary Bimah Furniture
The woodworking for this sanctuary began in 2001 when Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation in Bethesda, MD built their new home. The Jewish bimah furniture is built mainly from cherry. The synagogue was designed first and became the focal point. Over the the next couple of years the additional furnshings were designed and built by Steve Shafer.
The bimah seating here is a reflection of the stone wall it sits in front of. The seat backs match the stones textured center and polished edges. The use of only four legs to provide support for three cushioned chairs leaves the leg space visually open.
Torah reading table.
This is a model of the leg and a detail of the mortise & tenon structure of the leg.
This detail shows the lectern in the up position. Steve Shafer designed and built the pivoting hinge and the latch system used to secure it in place when stowed.
This cherry wood lectern was designed to match the main reading table. The top pivots to double as a music stand.